Cardio Workout 3

Cardio Workout 3 (10 Minutes)

Please ensure you have sufficient room and have warmed up and stretched before starting your strength and conditioning workout.  Workouts can be combined to create a long session.  These workouts are undertaken at your own risk.

1 minute continous for each exercise, no rest between exercises

1. Front – Back Jump Squats
{mp4}sc-videos/Front – Back Jump Squats{/mp4}

2. Plank Jacks
{mp4}sc-videos/Plank Jacks{/mp4}

3. Speed Skaters
{mp4}sc-videos/Speed Skaters{/mp4}

4. Burpees

5. Skier Hops
{mp4}sc-videos/Skier Hops{/mp4}

6. High Knees
{mp4}sc-videos/High Knees{/mp4}

7. Butt Kicker Run
{mp4}sc-videos/Butt Kicker Run{/mp4}

8. Bunny Hops
{mp4}sc-videos/Bunny Hops{/mp4}

9. Crab Walks
{mp4}sc-videos/Crab Walks{/mp4}

10. Box Toe Touches
{mp4}sc-videos/Box Toe Touches{/mp4}

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