Kup Grading Results – 19th November 2023

Congratulations to our candidates who successfully progressed to their next grading on the 19th November.

9th Kup / Yellow Tag7th Kup / Green Tag (Cont)5th Kup / Blue Tag
Antoinette CruzAshley GujungAva Lee
Genevieve Hewitt
8th Kup / Yellow BeltJosh Hayden3rd Kup / Red Tag
Chloe Eric Colman (CREDIT)Lalitha JastiChristian Hewitt
Noemi PaduanelliMabel Quarterman
2nd Kup / Red Belt
7th Kup / Green Tag6th Kup / Green BeltAdriano Anzani
Redouane Benani (DOUBLE)Jacob LangtonDave Flanders
Kenza Benani (CREDIT)Jonah MeanHo Yin Wong
Trisdave SolamoWilliam Bunker

Our next Kup grading will be on Saturday 9th March.

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Christmas and New Year Training

Our final classes of 2023 will be on Wednesday 20th December.  We will then be taking a break for everyone to enjoy the festive season with their friends and family. 

We will restart training on Sunday 7th January 2024 with a special fun “Start of the Year Training Session” which will be open and free to all Bluewave members. New starters, parents and returnees will also be very welcome to join in this training session. The training will run from 11.00am to 1.00pm and will be followed by a short club meeting with refreshments where we will discuss plans for 2024.

To help us plan the training please reply to this email, speak to one of the coaches or sign up for the event on our Facebook page – https://fb.me/e/6Ux8Tng4h if you / your children wish to attend.

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Master Coleen Reilly promoted to 6th Dan

On Sunday 3rd December, the new UK Kukkiwon Office hosted its first UK high dan grading at the GB Taekwondo Academy in Manchester. The examiners were a panel of 8th and 9th Dans. There were 10 candidates from across the UK.

We are delighted to announce that Bluewave’s Master Coleen Reilly successfully graded to 6th Dan at the grading. This is an amazing achievement and makes her one of the youngest British Taekwondo masters to grade to this senior level. Congratulations Master Coleen!

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KickStars Grading – November 2023

Congratulations to our wonderful KickStars who progressed onto their new grades:- Helena, Daniel, Fabrizio, Hugo, Olive, Devanand, Eric, Amirah, Charlie, Lavanna, Tristan and Rayhan.

Some of our KickStars will soon be moving up to the Junior Classes so we will have openings for new students. If you have a child aged 4-6 who would like try Taekwondo please just send us an email at info@bluewave.org.uk or register for a taster class by completing the form Taster and Membership Form – Bluewave Korean Martial Arts.

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Joy Stirk

It is with much sadness that we have to report the passing of one of our black belts, Joy Stirk.  Joy was a late starter in Taekwondo but developed a real passion for it and especially for poomsae. She started her Taekwondo with Waterside Taekwondo progressing to 2nd Dan before joining Bluewave in 2019 to focus on developing her poomsae for competition. Following a Silver Medal at the 2019 National Championships, she was selected to be a member of the British Taekwondo National Squad and then as British Taekwondo’s representative in the Female 66+ division for the 2020 World Championships, which unfortunately were then cancelled due to the pandemic.  

Joy was committed to her training and showed that it is never too late to start. She enjoyed competition and was very supportive of her fellow competitors.  She will be missed by those in Bluewave and the wider community.

We pass our sympathy to her husband, Malcolm, and to all her friends and family.

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Dan Grading September 2023

Congratulations to our successful candidates from today’s Bluewave Dan Grading. Following a two hour grading covering poomsae, one-step, self-defence, breaking, coaching skills, sparring and Taekwondo philosophy the following promotions were awarded:

1st Dan – Kieran Pern

3rd Dan – Darren Miller

Thank you to the grading examiners: Master Gerry Reilly, Master Lynne Firth and Master Coleen Reilly and to our assistants on the day; Master Sian Reilly as welfare officer, and Master Corey Payne.

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20th August – Kup Grading Results

Congratulations to the students who were successful at the grading on the 20th August. Well done!

Yellow Tag / 9th KupBlue Tag / 5th Kup
Joseph WheatlandBenjamin Morris (CREDIT)
Christine Dorange-Read
Yellow Belt / 8th KupLola Stone
Ashley Gujung (DOUBLE)
Teanja Atifah (DOUBLE)Blue Belt / 4th Kup
Samved NerusuAimee Wong
Panayiotis Kalavas
Green Tag / 7th Kup
Gautam SreejithRed Tag / 3rd Kup
Liz Walsh
Green Belt / 6th Kup
Mason Andrew Batista-GuanchRed Belt / 2nd Kup
Tia Gore

The next Kup grading will be on Sunday 19th November.

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Volunteers for the 6th Bluewave Poomsae Championships

We have had an excellent entry for our 6th Bluewave Poomsae Championship, which will take place on Sunday 17th September at Hampshire Court Hotel in Basingstoke, with 550 competitors, including teams from Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Nepal and Ukraine.  To make this a great success we are now looking for volunteers to support the setup and running of the event.

These roles do not need any knowledge of Taekwondo or Poomsae; so Bluewave members, former members, parents, friends are all very welcome.

We would like volunteers for the following roles

Setup Assistants (16+) – Saturday 16th September lat afternoon/early evening, 4.30 – 8.00pm (exact times to be confirmed)

Help set up the venue for the competition; which will include laying mats, moving tables/chairs, organising medalsrunning orders and other set up as needed.

Registration Desk (16+) – Sunday 17th September 8.15 – 9.00am

Register clubs as they arrive at the event.  Confirm that the club has all its competitors and if not, take note of any withdrawals and provide these to the organising team.  Also answering questions from club coaches and redirecting to organising team if necessary.

Computer Operators (13+) – Sunday 17th September October 9.00am – 6.00pm

Operate the scoring system for the competition; will include running the scoring system, manual changes on system and printing/organising scoring sheets for the judges and organising team. Training on the system will be provided.

Ring Leaders (16+) – Sunday 17th September 9.00am – 6.00pm

Responsible for the smooth and efficient running of the rings; will include locating players on time, organising players for each division and keeping the rings running on time.

Runners (10+) – Sunday 17th September 9.00am – 6.00pm

Providing assistance to the judges and competition organisers; will include keeping rings stocked with medals, water and snacks and other general duties.

Close Down Assistants (16+) – Sunday 17th September 5.30 –  7.30pm

Help close down the venue after the competition; which will include removing mats, moving table/chairs, clearing rubbish and other close down as needed.

This is the largest Poomsae competition so far in 2023 and with your support we are keen to make this an amazing experience for everyone who attends.  If you are interested in volunteering or would like more details please email volunteers@bluewave.org.uk or speak to one of the coaches in class.

To aid with the planning of the event, if you are able to volunteer for all or part of a day, please can you let us know by Wednesday 12th July.

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Training schedule for April and May

We will be adjusting the training schedule for April and May to accommodate the Easter weekend, three bank holidays in May and a holiday break for the team of lead instructors.

The key dates are below. A leaflet will also be given out in class as a reminder, and all the dates have been updated on the club website.

Saturday 1st Competition Poomsae Training
Sunday 2nd First Aid Course
7th-10th Closed – Easter Bank Holiday Weekend
Saturday 15th Sport Taekwondo Competition Training
19th-27th All Classes Closed
Saturday 29th Seminar with GM Shin Byeong Hyun, Portsmouth

Monday 1st Bank Holiday – Classes will be running
Saturday 6th Competition Poomsae Training
Sunday 7th London Poomsae Championships
Monday 8th Bank Holiday – Classes closed
Saturday 13th Sport Taekwondo Competition Training
Sunday 14th Southern Regional Poomsae Squad
20th/21st Southern Counties Championship (Sparring), Southampton
Saturday 27th Senior Belt Training
Monday 29th Bank Holiday – Classes closed

The next kup grading will be on Saturday 10th June.

If you normally train on dates when we are closed, please do remember that you are very welcome to come along to any other appropriate classes.

The club normally takes a two week break in the summer, however the break between the 19th and 27th April is replacing this. Training will therefore continue through all of the summer this year.

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December Kup Grading Results

Congratulations to those students who were successfully promoted to their next grade following the Kup grading on the 4th December. Great job!

The next grading will be on the 12th March 2023.

Yellow Tag / 9th KupYellow Belt / 8th KupGreen Belt / 6th Kup
Abhigail Sobhan – CREDITMarcel Roginski – DOUBLELacey Crawford-Hicks – CREDIT
Harry Savage – CREDITLawrence Fitzpatrick – CREDITBenjamin Di Baise
Lalitha Jasti – CREDITJoseph FitzpatrickBenjamin Morris
Benas MozuraitisAshwin ManojCaron Core
Coen SlemmingsGautm SrejithHarry Shaw
Genevieve HewittHudson WilesJulian Ibberson
Mabel QuartermanJosh HaydenKai Adams
Samved NerusuLiam MulaCaron Core
Theodora Kalavas
Green Tag / 7th KupBlue Tag / 5th Kup
Jonah MeanDilsha Udahage Don
Maria VinograolovaPanayiotis Kalavas
Blue Belt / 4th Kup
Joseph Langton
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