20th March Grading Results

Congratulations to everyone who was promoted following the kup grading on the 20th March. Well done!

Next kup grading will be on the 25th June.

Yellow Tag / 9th KupGreen Tag / 7th KupBlue Tag / 5th Kup
Josh Hayden – CREDITDavid Ibberson – CREDITShane Pearce – CREDIT
Joseph FitzpatrickJulian Ibberson – CREDITAayan Pradeep
Lawrence FitzpatrickGeorge Pyrke
Toby PiperJegors VindgradovsBlue Belt / 4th Kup
Tom FordeOliver BrownAdriano Anzani – CREDIT
Yellow Belt / 8th KupGreen Belt / 6th KupRed Tag / 3rd Kup
Benjamin Morris – DOUBLEChristian HewittDineth Udahage-Don – CREDIT
Khadija Maygi – DOUBLEChristine Dorange-ReadTia Gore
Lola Stone – DOUBLEDilsha Udahage-Don
Amelia Saveljevs – CREDITGayatri SreejithBlack Tag / 1st Kup
Alfred SalterLona RajeshMaciek Nowak
Anya HewageSona RajeshSamuel Dodds
Brandon PaduanelliMykolas-Jonas Kuodys
Cornelia JedraszykPanayiotis Kalavas
Daniel Thapa
Henry Archer
Mason Batista-Guanchez
Theordore Jedraszyk
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Visit by Grandmaster Shin Byeong Hyun

On Sunday the 8th May, we were honoured to be hosting a seminar with Grandmaster Shin Byeong Hyun; Head Instructor World Taekwondo Chungdokwan Federation, 9th Dan Kukkiwon, 9th Dan Chungdokwan. Great to also be able to see Master Sheamus O’Neill from Ireland who was accompanying Grandmaster Shin.

Before the pandemic, we had established Grandmaster Shin’s visit as an annual event so it was great to be able to resume this fantastic training opportunity for both our students and others from the Chungdokwan tradition.

The seminar provided a fantastic opportunity to train with such a senior Grandmaster. It was great to see so many join us; with 123 attendees from 13 different clubs.

Alongside his visit and seminar with Bluewave, Grandmaster Shin Byeong Hyun also held a workshop for students from a local Korean school. This workshop gave these students a basic Taekwondo experience as well as some traditional Korean calligraphy!

The students all had a great time, and it was certainly a memorable experience for them.

The visit also provided time for rest and recovery with 4 days of sightseeing in Basingstoke, Winchester and Portsmouth, as well as visits to clubs in Bristol and Southampton. There is always a chance for Taekwondo even when sightseeing!

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WTCF Certificates

It was a great pleasure to present some of black belts with their World Taekwondo Chungdokwan Federation certificates following their Dan promotions in December!

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February Specialist Classes

In February we will be running our full set of monthly specialist classes. Please do check times as these have changed for 2022. Details are below.

Competition Poomsae Training
Saturday 5th February. 12.00-2.00pm All Grades with extra training from 2.00-3.30pm for Dan Grades only.
Open to all ages (7+) and all grades, however participants must be confident in at least their first poomsae – Taegeuk El Jang.

Format will be one hour of work on basic techniques followed by poomsae practice to improve both accuracy and performance.

Sport Taekwondo/Sparring Competition Training
Saturday 12th February 12.00-2.00pm.
Open to all ages (7+) and all grades.

Format will be approximately one hour of work on sparring drills and tactics, and then one hour of practice matches. 

All those attending will be expected to have their own arm and shin guards as well as a gum shield.  If you / your children do not have a gum shield, and wish to attend this training, speak to one the coaches and they will provide one for you to mould ahead of training.  As from March, we will also expect those attending to have their own groin guards.  Arm, shin and groin guards can be purchased through the club.

Belt Training
Saturday 19th February. 12.00-2.00pm.
Open to 2nd kup / red belt and above only.

Training will focus on the requirements of the Bluewave dan syllabus covering poomsae, self-defence, one-step, breaking and coaching skills. 

Regular attendance at senior belt training is a requirement for those preparing for dan gradings.

Monthly specialist classes are free to all Bluewave members. £5 to other British Taekwondo Members.

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December Kup Grading Results

Congratulations to the successful candidates at the December Kup Grading. Great to see people moving forward after a tough year.

Yellow Tag/9th Kup
Amelia Saveljevs – CREDIT
Daniel Thapa – CREDIT
Ethan Ward-Smith
Cornelia Jedraszyk
Theodore Jedraszyk
Rachel Henley
Alistair Henley
Gautam Sreejith
Ashwin Manoj

Yellow Belt/8th Kup
Holly Tillcock – DOUBLE
Ava Lee – CREDIT
Adrian Rudnicki
Robert Cooper

Green Tag/7th Kup
Dawid Piaseczny
Ashley Paduanelli
Harry Shaw
Diyeni DeSilva
Mikolaj Zurek
Alexander Quainton

Green Tag/7th Kup
Caron Gore
Jake Leung
Gayatri Sreejith

Blue Tag/5th Kup
Louie Fan

Blue Belt/4th Kup
Ronan Lee
William Bunker

The next grading will be on Saturday 26th March.

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KickStars Grading

Congratulations to our super 4-6 year old KickStars who were recently promoted to their new grades. Especially to Eryk who is now moving up into our Junior Programme.

Purple stripe

Orange stripe

Red stripe

Yellow tag

We now have a few spaces available in our Friday 5.00pm KickStars class so if you would be interested in enrolling your son or daughter to start in January please do get in contact.

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