Junior Taekwondo (Ages 7 – 12)


Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Art and Olympic Sport.  The martial arts side of Taekwondo includes a full range of upper body strikes and blocks but it is best known probably for its fast and dynamic kicks.  In 2000 Taekwondo became a full Olympic sport and Bluewave teaches this World Taekwondo / Olympic style of Taekwondo; the only club in Basingstoke to do so.


The club’s syllabus covers traditional technical martial arts skills, self defence and sport.  We are first and foremost a martial arts club rather than a pure competitive club – though there are plenty of opportunities to compete if your child wants to. Our syllabus is challenging as our aim is to develop martial artists who will have strong and rounded skills in all aspects of Taekwondo.

Taekwondo not only helps develop agility, fitness and coordination but improves confidence and self discipline.

Our junior classes provide a varied approach with a friendly, structured and most importantly fun environment. A typical 60 minute class will consist of a dynamic warm up, focused work on 2 or 3 aspects of Taekwondo which will vary session by session, followed up a cool down. The junior classes have a focus on developing all aspects of Taekwondo including work to improve agility, coordination and flexibility. Our structured approach allows us to fully develop all our junior students at their own pace but to their full ability.