Competition Training (Ages 7+)

Bluewave provides the opportunity to compete in either Sparring or Poomsae at all levels from local to national class.  For those will the talent and commitment this can bring the chance to go to the very highest levels.  Members of the club have won medals at the British Taekwondo National Sparring Championships and the British Taekwondo National Poomsae Championships.

The club runs regular training for those interested in competing in either Sparring or Poomsae. 

Kyorugi (Sparring)


Monthly, normally on the 2nd Saturday of the month from 12.00-2.00pm at our VBC Dojang. Please check the calendar for dates.

Focused on Sport Taekwondo, open to all grades and ages. Those attending this class are also expected to be training in other regular class to ensure they have time to also work on their technical development.

The training consists of Sport Taekwondo specific training drills, strength and conditioning exercises and match practice.  Bluewave has available for this training the very latest equipment including KP&P Electronic Body Protectors and Head Guards.  These sessions are taught by Master Gerry Reilly.

Poomsae (Patterns)

Monthly, normally on the 1st Saturday of the month from 12.00-2.00pm for all grades, with an extra time from 2.00-3.30pm for dan grades, at our VBC Dojang.   Please check the calendar for dates.

This is intended to prepare for Poomsae competition both solo and synchronised.

The class are focused on achieving competition standard and is not a replacement for working on your grading Poomsae in regular classes.  The sessions are taught by Master Coleen Reilly.

Both of these specialised sessions are open to Bluewave members at no additional cost.  Non-members of Bluewave are also very welcome but you must be current members of British Taekwondo and there will be a charge of £5/session.