Eric Rose Memorial Championships 2018


IMG-20180519-WA0001.jpg For the last few years we have taken a team out to the Eric Rose Memorial Championships in Detroit, USA. This event celebrates the life of Master Eric Wayne Rose who died in 2012.

This year we had successful few days returning with medals all round; Jonny Hainsworth Gold Sport Poomsae and Open Poomsae, Coleen Reilly Silver Sport Poomsae and Open Poomsae, Gerry Reilly Silver Sport Poomsae and Open Poomsae and Hannah Seddon Silver Open Poomsae. As well as the competition we also had a chance for shopping on the Friday, partying after the competition on Saturday with our friends from the US and then sightseeing on the Sunday before the flight home.

Thank you to Grandmaster Ronald Rose and Prof. Christine Rose for the invitation to attend and to help remember their son, Eric.

We are planning for a return trip in 2019 so if you would be interested in participating in this trip do let one of the instructors know.

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