KickStars Grading

This weekend we held our first KickStars gradings of 2018 and it was a delight to see the progress that has been made by our youngest members.  Congratulations to everyone on their new belts and especially to Dino, Nathan H, Nathan L, Dylan and Mikolaj who are now moving up to Juniors and starting on the next stage of their Taekwondo journey.

The promotions achieved were;

Orange Stripe
Charlie Hartley

Green Stripe
Rayn Child
Alexander Quainton
Dylan Fisher
Holly Martin
Shreya Dhavale
Dawid Piaseczny
Adinath Kanago
Diyeni DeSilva
Jacob Langton
Jaiden Macassaddu
Jegors Vingradous
Musa Ahmed

Purple Stripe
Tumi Olaneye
Christian Hewitt

Blue Stripe
Aayan Pradeep
Connor Crosby
Shlok Dhavale
Ciro Cordero-Benedit
Bowie Emmerson
Felix Howard
Ivan Macassaddu
Laurent Valentin
Noah Rhee

Brown Stripe
Saul Curtis

Yellow Tag
Dino Nduka-Richard
Dylan Griffiths
Nathan Harrington
Nathan Levendale
Mikolaj Zurek

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