Building work and improvement at VBC

We have just started a small programme of improvements at our VBC dojang.  Over the next few weeks we are having destratification fans installed to improve the heat distribution in the main hall, the doors and windows on the front of the building will be painted and we are re-modeling of the entrance and waiting room area.  The re-modeling of the entrance will provide a new larger waiting area and we are also moving the door into the training area so that the internal doors and external doors will no longer be directly in-line, which will improve the retention of heat during winter training.  During this work all classes will be running as usual however it is possible that for a small number of classes we will need to use an different entrance.  If so, there will be signs and directions on the outside doors.  Please also ensure that all juniors are dropped off and collected from inside the dojang.  This will be even more important that usual over the next couple of weeks.

This work will further improve of our facilities by providing a more attractive reception/waiting area and improved heating. As a Not-for-Profit club we have been able to do this work because the fees our members pay are invested into our facilities and equipment.  We are hoping that in 2018 we will also be able to further invest particularly in replacing some of the equipment such as sparring scoring system.


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