Amazing results from the TCGB Championships

With a record turnout from the club and a lot of hard training, we were clearly well prepared for this year’s TCGB Championships in Bracknell.  The performance in both poomsae and sparring showed lots of improvement and the spirit was great.  This brought us a lot of success this year, with the following medal performance;


Coleen Reilly – Gold

Amy Stock – Gold

Sean Carstons – Gold

Olwen Barton – Silver

Ria Mistry – Silver

Luke Vanden – Bronze

Cullen Walker – Bronze

Lynne Firth- Bronze

Mathew Bridge – Bronze

Caitlin Walker- Bronze

Milan Mistry – Bronze

Sian Reilly- Bronze

Rachel Harman – Bronze

And ..  third place team trophy!


Cullen Walker – Gold

Kacper Nowak – Gold

Ahan Sen – Silver

Alex Stock – Silver

Amy Stock – Silver

Anushka Sen – Silver

Ibrahim Salman – Silver

Matthew Bridge – Silver

Olwen Barton – Bronze

Ryan Vanden – Bronze

Sean Carstens – Bronze

It was excellent to see a strong turnout on poomsae with many good performance and clear improvement since the British Taekwondo National Championships.  Good standard all round, well done to the full squad.

The two standout sparring performances came from Kacper and Cullen.  Kacper show excellent ring management to decisively win his first match 15-1 with well time body counter shots delivering the points then going on to win his final 21-9 where after a close start to the match, he took control and went on to a strong win.  Cullen plays a very different style to Kacper and used his fast head shot attacks to overwelm his first semi-final opponent 13-2.  Having been unwell last week he did not quite have his usual stamina so for the final his coach, Coleen, told him to go out strong and take a quick win… which he did, the match being stopped at 9-0 very early in the 1st round.  There were many other good performance with some of the silver medalists only narrowly missing out on gold.

The Bluewave team consisted of; Ryan Vanden, Luke Vanden, Olwen Barton, Luke Rowland, Cullen Walker, Lynne Firth, Mathew Bridge, Ellen Farthing, Caitlin Walker, Ria Mistry, Sean Carstons, Hannah Loveridge, Milan Mistry, Sian Reilly, Amy Stock, Rachel Harman, Coleen Reilly, Callum Walker, Kacper Nowak, Ahan Sen, Alex Stock, Anushka Sen and Ibrahim Salman.

Thank you to all the coaches, officials and supporting family and friends.  This was a really good day and let’s start getting ready for the next one.

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