Congratulation – Grading 29th March 2015

Congratulations to those who where promoted to their new grades following the kup grading on the 29th March.  The candidates at the grading showed excellent spirit and the junior grades were particularly strong this time.  Well done everyone!

The promotions were:

Yellow Tag / 9th Kup Yellow Belt / 8th Kup Green Belt / 6th Kup
Megan Womersley – Credit Jack Armstrong – Double Greg Adam – Double
Jonathan Padueanelli – Credit Alexander Chiguvare Ria Mistry – Credit
Zuzanna Kraszucka Aman Poomi Caitlin Walker
Oliver Brown Matthew Gorby Luke Vanden
Ethan Gore Melissa Laws Ryan Vanden
Lucy Armstrong Thomas Gorby Brandon Koh
James Price   Kacper Nowak
Leo Clark Green Tag / 7th Kup  
  Abigail Rogers Blue Tag / 5th Kup
  Ahan Sen Nicole Wootten
  Grace Williams Olwen Barton
  Anushka Sen Ellen Farthing
  Mikun Adeniran  
    Blue Belt / 4th Kup
    Rodrigo Torres-Quevedo
    Ibrahim Salman



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