Poomsae Judging Course Report

Today, we were proud to host an official British Taekwondo Poomsae Judging Course with Grandmaster TW Shin, Referee Chairman for Great Britain and twice World Poomsae Champion.  28 people attended include 5 from the club with some others travelling from as far away as Harrogate.  The day started with a thorough review of the poomsae judging rules and key points for accuracy and presentation.   After a brief lunch break it was then onto practical work.  Grandmaster Shin took everyone though the critical points of some basics kicks and movements, and then we moved onto work on the poomsae themselves.  The group of prospective judges then practiced poomsae starting with Taegeuk Sa Jang and working all the way through to Hansu.   The detailed coverage was excellent and is sure to benefit poomsae performance and coaching as well as judging.  Finally at 5.30pm it was time for examinations which consisted of judging practice following by tests, a physical test on two poomase for each age group and then a brief written paper.  A long and exhausting day, but the knowledge of poomsae and enthusiasm from Grandmaster Shin is amazing, and everyone came away with a much deeper understanding of poomsae performance and judging.

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