TCGB Seminar 2013

15 club members made the short trip down to Swanmore for the annual Taekwondo Chungdokwan GB All-in-One seminar.  As always this provided a chance to work hard with other clubs from the Chungdokwan family.


Those attending had the chance to mix their training across three different sessions with sparring being run by Master Mark Sargeant with Grandmaster Lindsay Lawrence, poomsae with Grandmaster Mark Biddlecombe with Master Brian Hussey and Master Pat Donnelly and self defence led by Master Michael King with support from several senior instructors.


Some club members chose to concentrate on the technical side attending mostly self-defence or poomsae sessions, with some others spending most of the day on their sparring work.  However it looked like everyone had a great day and trained really hard with the blisters to prove it!


Thank you to our friends at Powerhouse Taekwondo for once again hosting a great seminar.

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