TCGB – All Grades Seminar Report



The TCGB All Grades Seminar on the 29th October was outstanding.   Even though only a small group from the club attended they each got to work on several aspects of their Taekwondo under the guidance of very experienced instructors who were experts in the area they were leading.


The seminar was split into 3 tracks running in parallel with the opportunity during the day to attend 3 sessions.   So those attending had the opportunity to mix and match between Poomsae (led by Grandmaster Biddlecombe), Self Defence (led by Master King) and Sparring (led by Master Sargeant and Grandmaster Lawrence).   The format worked really well and all those attending benefited whether they were junior kup grades or senior dan grades!


This was an excellent training experience, let’s try and get a bigger club turnout for the next one.

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