Class Changes

The club will soon be making a few changes to some of the 12+ classes in Basingstoke.

Monday classes will now be moving to a class time of 7.30-9.00. This is intended to help those who either do not yet feel ready for a 2 hour training session or need the earlier 9.00pm finish time. There will be an optional extra 30 mins training available from 9.00-9.30 for those who would like the full benefit of a 2 hour class. The class will continue to be run by Master Kevin Hanks.

We will also be making a change to the Wednesday class. After having worked closely with Gerry over the last few months on a Friday night, David Dinsdale will be taking over responsibility for the teaching the Wednesday class. Over the next few weeks Gerry will be working with David to ensure there is smooth handover of this class and David will then be taking full responsibility for the class after the next kup grading.

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