Grading Results 17th September

Congratulations to the successful candidates who progressed to their new grades at the 17th September grading.   The next kup grading will be on Sunday 27th November.


The promotions awarded were


9th Kup / Yellow Tag  6th Kup / Green Belt 3rd Kup / Red Tag
Luke Rowland – CREDIT Anthony Lewis Alex Stock – CREDIT
Nicole Wootten Jamie Cassell Amber West
Scott Coventry Jemma Barton Amy Stock
Rhys Hopkins Ella West
 5th Kup / Blue Tag Shailesh Mistry
8th Kup / Yellow Belt Andrew Hawthorn Corey Payne
Nathan Lewis Catherine Redgrave Dean Morgan
Natt Khetklang Darren Miller Holly Flanders
Owen Willis Graeme Willis  
Simon Jones  Michael Digby 2nd Kup / Red Belt
Jabegu Namsangen   Paul Crawte
Louis McLaren 4th Kup / Blue Belt
Sarah Meeson 1st Kup / Black Tag
7th Kup / Green Tag   Harvey Allen
Ryan Morgan – DOUBLE   George Hatton
George Allen Dylan Crawte
Owen O’Conner
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