2012 Fees – No Change!

Following a review of the club’s financial position by the trustees, we are delighted to announce that there will be no increase in training fees for 2012.    We understand that money is tight for many people and holding the fees for another year (the last rise in training fees was in January 2009) means training with OBTKD is better value than ever.   The club continues to offer some of the best facilities in the South of England with a large and experienced team of instructors with affordable fees, lower than most other clubs and less than half the cost of a monthly fee at a gym – and much more fun!

The club will also be continuing with the bursary scheme to support those members who are unable to meet the costs of training.   We see this as a key commitment by the club to ensuring that high quality Taekwondo training is available to as many people as possible!

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