May 22nd – Club Novice Championships


dscf1316_webThe club held its first club tournament of the year on Saturday May 22nd.   This was aimed mostly at those who have no or little previous experience competing.  There was a good turnout from the club with some guest competitors from Powerhouse Taekwondo and Action Taekwondo.

The poomase performances were of a much higher standard than at last year’s events, with excellent power and spirit.  This is a good basis for future gradings and also for poomsae competition.

The sparring was also good with a number of very closely fought matches, several going to golden point!  Despite some problems with the electonics the matches went off reasonably smoothly.  Certainly some of those playing showed that they are now at a standard where they could compete safely and effectively outside of the club.   So if you enjoyed the tournament and want to do more, why not come down to the Sport Class on a Saturday?

Many thanks to all those who competed, corner judge, ran the equipment table, refereed etc.  The event ran smoothly because there were enough people to help!

The next club tournament is scheduled for Saturday 9th October.   It would be great to see even more entries from the club!

Poomsae Results

Blue Red
George Hatton Silver Gold Edward Jones
Ewan Williams Silver Gold Davey Klenz
Dylan Crawte Gold Silver Alex Newman
April Selby Silver Gold Ellie Hatton
Leah Holbrook Silver Gold Sian Reilly
Holly Flanders Silver Gold Amy Stock
Craig Magerson Silver Gold Paul Crawte
Ewan Withers Silver Gold Dave Dinsdale
John Caichi Gold Silve Matthew Jarmain
Erin Holbrook Gold Gold Becky Martin
Stephanie Bygrave Gold Silver Holly Flanders

Sparring Results

Blue Red
Max Piper Silver Gold Harrison Neil
Ewan Williams Gold Silver Hayden Chessell
George Hatton Silver Gold Yasin Boures
Nour Azzalini Silver Gold Rowan Williams
Yasin Boures Silver Gold Zack Piper
Nour Azzalini Silver Gold Leah Holbrook
Chris Lloyd Silver Gold Ewan Williams
Davey Klenz Silver Gold Dylan Crawte
Edward Jones Silver Gold Alex Stock
Eleanor Hatton Gold Silver April Selby
Laura Griffin Gold Silver Jessica Kovacs
Michael Dorey Silver Gold Jack Dunesby
Amy Stock Silver Gold April Selby
Jack Dunesby Gold Silver John MacCallum
Alice Buckley Gold Silver Holly Flanders
Thais Ward Gold Silver Stephaine Bygrave
Craig Margersion Silver Gold Matthew Jarmain
Gianluca Granelli Silver Gold Oliver Hutchins
Harvey Allen Gold Silver Alexandre Azzalini
Stephen Bartlett Gold Silver Robin O’Neill
Tony Rice Silver Gold John Cauc
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