October 2020 Dan Grading Results

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Congratulations to Darren and Pradeep who both passed their their 2nd Dan gradings at last weekend’s Dan Grading.

Despite current restrictions they were both put through a very thorough and rigorous 1 hour grading which included nearly all aspects of Taekwondo. They were required to perform 5 poomsae, 2 kibon patterns, demonstrate a random choice of 5 combinations from the Bluewave Kup Syllabus giving appropriate coaching points, show 10 one-step techniques on both left and right at social distance, demonstrate their breaking techniques on a bag, several rounds of socially distanced 1-1/2-2 sparring, 3 rounds of sustained bag work and finally an interview by the panel.

They worked extremely hard and thoroughly deserved their successful promotions.

Our next Dan Grading will be in April 2021.

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