Grading Results – September 2020

Congratulations to those who were promoted following the grading on the 12th September.  This was an unusual grading for both examiners and candidates as we had to conduct this grading respecting the COVID-19 guidelines which meant that there was no contact sparring or one-step, as well as no testing of self-defence or breaking.  However all candidates were still required to undertake a rigorous grading with extended sections on poomsae, kibon patterns and basics as well as several rounds of socially distanced 1-1 and 2-2.  Senior candidates also demonstrated their one-step at social distance.  This will remain the format for gradings whilst we are under the current COVID-19 guidelines.

Yellow Tag / 9th Kup Yellow Belt / 8th Kup (cont) Green Belt / 6th Kup (cont)
Mykolas-Jonas Kuodys (CREDIT) Harry Shaw Charlie Mason
Dilsha Udahage-Don Alexander Brewerton Ronan Lee
George Pyrke Sophie Butler Shabeer Jameela
James Dance   William Bunker
Robert Cooper Green Tag / 7th Kup  
Caron Gore Ayaan Pradeep Red Tag / 3rd Kup
  Harley Harris-Piper  Ethan Gore (CREDIT)
Yellow Belt / 8th Kup Louie Fan  
Reena Gurung (DOUBLE)   Red Belt / 2nd Kup
Shane Pearce (DOUBLE) Green Belt / 6th Kup Shubhashis Shrestha (CREDIT)
Rosie Maishman (CREDIT) Dineth Udahage-Don (CREDIT) Isabella Martin (CREDIT)
Diyeni DeSilva Adriano Anzani Annabel Poynter
Ellie-Rose Adams Anoushka Shaw Kieran Pern
    Maciek Nowak
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