Adult Recruitment

Over the last year we have seen excellent growth in our KickStars and Junior programmes but less so for adults. This means we currently have space in all three of our adult classes.

Taekwondo is an excellent activity for adults; for its physical benefits such as improving fitness and flexibility, for its technical benefits such as developing self defence skills, as well as being fun! It is also important for the club to have a strong adult base as this will help us develop new coaches and assistant coaches for the future growth of Bluewave.

We are therefore starting an adult recruitment campaign and as a part of that we will be running a one-off Adult Only Taster Class on Tuesday 13th November from 7.00-8.00pm. This will be free and open to both absolute new beginners as well as those who might have trained in the past and are thinking about come back. Please help us by talking to friends and sharing our posts on Facebook around this campaign.

Finally, if you are interested or would like more information please send us an email at

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