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Over the last four years we have double the size of the Bluewave membership.  This is a tremendous achievement especially for a non-for-profit club. However, we have now reached the point that we can not expand any further, and welcome more students to Bluewave, without additional instructors and assistant instructors, particularly in the Junior/7-11 age group classes.

If you are a Blue Belt or above aged 14+ then there are opportunities for you to help us grow Bluewave further and in doing so you will also be able to develop your own Taekwondo skills and knowledge.

What will you be expected to do?
– Commit to regularly assisting in one (or more) of our classes
– Support the main class instructor by taking small groups as well as assisting with the general running of the classes
– Be a role model to the students in the class

What you will get in return?
– The chance to help Bluewave continue to expand and develop
– A deeper understanding of your own Taekwondo from teaching others
– Support with your own sport coach development
– Bluewave will pay for you to attend First Aid Training, Safe Guarding Training, British Taekwondo Coaching Courses and if you are interested British Taekwondo Poomsae and Sparring Referee/Judging Courses

If you are interested in the opportunity to be an assistant instructor, or have any questions, please talk to Lynne, Coleen or Gerry.  With your support we can continue to develop Bluewave as one of the leading Taekwondo clubs in the South of England.

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