Assistant Instructors

Are you interested in helping grow the club and develop your own coaching skills?

Currently we are looking to expand our junior provision as all of our existing classes are full or very nearly full.  This will restrict our recruitment especially as we have a few students who will soon move up from KickStars which will fill any remaining capacity in these classes.

To help us move forward, we need to expand the number of Assistant Instructors.  This will help us provide more coverage in the Monday class to allow some further growth in that class. It would also allow us to consider adding another junior class which would probably be on a Thursday.  Assistant Instructors can be either adults or juniors aged 14+, minimum grade of blue belt.

By helping out you will gain a better understanding of your own Taekwondo techniques and skills.  In addition, the club will support you with training around first aid, safeguarding as well as providing the opportunity to take the British Taekwondo coaching qualifications.

If you are interested please speak to either Gerry or Lynne, or send an email to

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