New Class, 7-14 Year Old, Green Belt and above

We continue to review our classes and make changes and updates where we believe that we can develop our students further.  With this in mind we will be introducing a new class for those who are junior age students (up to the age of 14) and are 6th kup (green belt) and above.  This class will be in addition to the class(es) your child currently trains in, as these classes cover all aspects of the syllabus, whereas this class will focus specifically on the technical aspects of the syllabus of poomsae, self defence and one step.

Please be assured that if your child is not able to attend this class, they will still be taught all aspects of the syllabus in the class(es) that they currently attend.

The class will run on a weekly basis on a Wednesday evening from 7.00pm – 8.00pm. The classes will commence from Wednesday 1st June. If your child is interested in attending please can you let us know on email at so that we can start the planning of the class.

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