KickStars May 2016 Successes

Congratulations to our newly promoted KickStars showing off their new belts after the May grading.  Well done to Mikolaj Zurek, Adriano Anzani, Marcus Jones, Lily Newton, Dylan Griffiths, Eliott Flood-Squires, Jacob Macpherson, Vicktor Okun, Samuel Hartley, Oliver Brown and Nathan Levendale promoted to Orange Stripe, Naomi Marks and Scarlett Hamilton promoted to Green Stripe, Eleanor Gracey, Charlie Mason, Daniel Chapman, Adheen Shabeer, Joe Scorey and Taylor Mackie promoted to Purple Stripe, Daniel Farthing, Charlie Bates and Alfie Edwards promoted to Blue Stripe, Aidan Batista-Guanchez promoted to Red Stripe, Abdul Rehman promoted to Brown Stripe and Oscar Goodall and Jack Greening promoted to full Yellow Tag.  Brilliant and what a lot of happy faces!

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