Sports Relief – Kick-a-Thon. Great Success!

This year we were really excited to be raising money for Sport Relief 2016. We became Sport Relief social entrepreneurs, bringing our community together and raised a lots of money at the same time. 

We decided to do our bit and raise money by running an All-Through-The-Night Kick-A-Thon. This was a relay of bag work starting at 5.30pm on Friday 18th March and ending at 11.30am on Saturday 19th March. Although exceedingly tiring, we succeeded to continue kicking without a break for 18 hours with an amazing total of 124,471 kicks.

Congratulations to all those involved.  Thank you the Social Committee for all your hard work on this event and a special mention to Sam Havard and Sian Reilly who each were there for at least 15 hours.  Great effort shown during the classes but also a special thank you to those who came along and covered the many hours between classes on Friday evening and Saturday morning – Ellen Farthing, Melissa Laws, Sam Dodds, Coleen Reilly, Gerry Reilly, Lynne Firth, Nico Carstens, Sean Carstens, Nicole Wooten, Corey Payne, Daniel Farthing, Olwen Barton, Taylor Carstens, Rachel Harman, Sarah Meeson, Peter Mulholland, Pradeep Lalung, Jayani Jogia, Matthew Gracey, Eleanor Gracey, Matthew Bridge and Thomas Bridge. Many of whom despite their young age showed us what indomitable spirit really meant!

Not only did we succeed with the physical challenge that we set ourself, through the Just Giving Page, donations received and Gift Aid we have raised £565 for Sports Relief, a fantastic achievement.

If you have a Sponsor Form and donations  to return please can you do so this week and of course there is still the opportunity to donate through the Bluewave Just Giving Page at

We really appreciate your support and hope that had fun helping Bluewave raise lots of money for Sport Relief.
Winner of the “guess the number of kicks competition” was Matthew Gracey with his guess of 126,000.
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