TCGB Championships 2016

Excellent day yesterday for Bluewave at the TCGB Championships in Bracknell. Strong performances all round with 2 Gold Medals (Ellen, Pradeep), 1 Silver Medal (Amy) and 3 Bronze Medals (Grace, Annuska and Ivana) in Poomsae.  Followed by 4 Gold Medals (Cullen, Ahan, Giordano, Hayden) and 5 Silver Medals (Amy, Alex, Ellen, Jonathan, Jack) in the Sparring.  Really good performance from our other competitors as well even though missing medals on day (Coleen, Sian, Matthew, Caitlin, Ria, Ryan).  Fabulous team spirit as well.

Thank you to the coaches, officials (Sian refereeing all day), helpers (especially to Rachel for running around keeping the poomsae competitors and early sparring matches sorted), friends and family who also helped make this a really successful day.  Next outing will be the Dorset TKD Test Match on the 9th April, so get signed up now.


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