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Over the last few months of 2014 we had an increasing number of new starters in our 4-6 year old class and our 7-11 year old classes.  This has continued into 2015.  Some of these classes are now full and those that aren’t soon will be!  We are therefore looking at how we can grow the number of classes we are providing for the younger age groups.  However to provide more classes we need more people available as either Assistant Instructors or as helpers.

Working in a class as an Assistant Instructor is a great way to start to develop your instructing skills, help grow the club and gain the satisfaction of helping our juniors grow their Taekwondo skills.  Assistant Instructors must either be Black Belts Aged 16+ or Red Belts Aged 18+.  This is a regular commitment but is fun, and the club will provide you support and training to develop your skills and hopefully progress to become a full qualified Instructor.

For those who are interested in helping but who have yet to reach these age and grade levels we’d still like to hear from you.  With the younger age group having reliable helpers in the classes is important and this has worked well already for some classes.  If you are 14+ and would like to help in a class and want to work towards becoming an Assistant Instructor please let us know.

Please talk to either Lynne or Gerry, or send us an email at

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