Bring a friend! September 2014

Since the official launch of Bluewave Korean Martial Arts in April we have had many new beginners start their Taekwondo journey with the club.  With the return to school, September is always a good month for recruitment with lots of people looking to try new activities.  So now is a great time to encourage people to try Taekwondo, to learn something new, get fit and have some fun.

Let’s try and keep up the steady stream of beginners starting on their journey to hopefully one day joining our growing band of senior grades!

So we will again be running our ‘Bring a Friend’ referral scheme this coming month.  So if you bring someone along to try any of the classes you will get a £5 Festival Place Gift Voucher.

More friends, more vouchers!

If want leaflets for friends or relatives just ask an instructor, we also have car stickers to help advertise Bluewave.

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