Grading Results July 2014

Congratulations to those who were successful at the recent grading.   The examiners were very pleased with the performances, a very good and consistent standard. Next grading will be Saturday 11th October.

9th Kup/Yellow Tag 8th Kup/Yellow Belt (cont) 5th Kup/Blue Tag
Asfar Baksh – Credit Abigail Rogers Sean Carstens
Taylah Carstens Kacper Nowak Miranda Arnush
Aman Pooni Luke Vanden Nico Carstens
Jayani Jogia Mikun Adeniran
Neha Pooni 4th Kup/Blue Belt
Daisy 7th Kup/Green Tag Abigail Bristow
Kayleigh Richardson Catherine Redgrave
8th Kup/Yellow Belt Ivana McCutcheon Cullen Walker
Olwen Barton – Double
Ria Mistry – Credit 1st Kup/Black Tag
Ana Torres-Quevedo – Credit Milan Mistry
Ryan Vanden Kamil Nowak
Thomas Robinson Luke Rowland


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