Poomsae competition at British International Open Championships – 12th July

Since competing in the British Taekwondo National Poomsae Championships for the first time in 2013, the achievements of students in Poomsae competitions has improved significantly. This has been helped by the introduction of a monthly Poomsae Competition training session, focusing specifically on the requirement of competition Poomsae as well as regular opportunities for students to enter Poomsae competitions enjoying their successes and learning from those opportunities.

Master John Webster will running a Poomsae competition on Saturday 12th July at Stoke Mandeville stadium in Aylesbury as part of the British International Open Championships.  This is will be a weekend of competition with a Kyrougi event also running on Sunday 13th July.

The competition will be run under the auspices of Master Derek Sumner, British Taekwondo Poomsae Chairman, under full WTF Poomsae rules.

For those that have competed before this will be an opportunity for students to build on their successes from recent competitions. For novices this is a relatively local event that would be good for your first competition experience. For those looking to be considered for Dan gradings in the forthcoming 12 months, this will be an ideal opportunity to put yourself under some pressure and perform your Poomsae outside of the club.

Details of the categories and the Poomsae requirements are on the notice board inside the dojang. Please note that under WTF Poomsae rules, you may be competing with Poomsae above those that we would normally teach for your grade, so please double check this. If you are interested in competing please email lynne@bluewave.org.uk and then follow up with your entry fee of £25 and your licence book!

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