Festival of Sport 2013 – Day Two

Day Two of the Festival of Sport was our traditionally joint outing for some fun together.   This year we had decided to take a risk on the weather and go to Horseshoe Lake near Sandhurst for raft building and kayaking.

The weather definitely came good.  Bright sunshine helped make this an excellent morning.

The session stared with the group split into three teams to build a raft and then race it across to the island in the lake, around the island and then back.  As expected this was very competitive!   My team were first with the build and ready to go..   However once the racing started, it was clear that German engineering was going to win out and Stefan’s team won the race.   All three team had great fun and made it back to shore safetly… even if some of us were swimming…

After the raft build and a short break to swim in the lake, everyone piled into kayaks and onto paddleboards for another hour and half of fun which certainly involved as much time in the water as on it.   This was one of our best ever outings!

Then it was back to Basingstoke.   The afternoon was spent with the host families, some people went off visiting, some shopping but many took advantage of the free swimming at the Aquadome.

The day finished with the joint final night presentation and disco at BCOT before a well deserved rest.
The weekend was so soon over, and on Monday morning bright and early it was time for our guests to start the long coach journey back to Euskirchen. 

Thank you to everyone who help making this weekend a success.   Despite some challenges during the planning, this was a fabulous weekend of training, fun and socialising.


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