Success at June 2013 Dan Grading

The candidates at today’s Dan (Black Belt) Grading in London should be proud of their performances.   They all showed quality across all the disciplines of Taekwondo – something that OBTKD has always looked to achieve.   The candidates were put through their paces by the Taekwondo Chungdokwan GB Dan Grading Panel consisting of Grandmaster Lindsay Lawrence, Grandmaster Mark Biddlecombe, Master Michael King and Master Gerry Reilly.

The candidates’ preparation showed with confidence performances in the poomsae, controlled and effective one-step and self-defence and spirited sparring.  It was also great to see the mutual support shown between the club’s candidates.


The following well deserved promotions were achieved;

Lucy Havard – Promoted Black Belt 1st Dan
Alex Stock – Promoted Black Belt 1st Dan
Amy Stock – Promoted Black Belt 1st Dan
Bradley Welsman – Promoted Black Belt 1st Dan
Julie Roth – Promoted Black Belt 1st Dan
Paul Crawte – Promoted Black Belt 1st Dan

Sian Reilly – Promoted Black Belt 2nd Dan

Ellie Hatton – Promoted Black Belt 3rd dan

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