Report on Liverpool Summer Camp

Over the weekend of the 22nd/23rd September, 6 members of the club took the opportunity to travel to Liverpool to train at the Summer Camp hosted by Liverpool Taekwondo Academy.   Leaving our dojang at 6am on the Saturday, we headed up by minibus on the long drive to Liverpool, arriving in plenty of time to start training at 11am.

The training started with an excellent one hour warm up, working agility and suppleness.   This warm up was then followed by a training session in body armour specially focused on drills and techniques that are effective with electronic scoring.   All of those training spent time practicing the drills with the Daedo electronic body protectors to see what work and what didn’t!   After 3 hours of drills and training, we all then headed off to a well earned rest.  After the rest we head off as a group to the Chinese Buffet where several people demonstrated an amazing capacity to put away food – you know how you are!  Then back to the hotel in time for Dr Who…

Sunday started with a quiet breakfast… then back to the Liverpool Taekwondo Academy Dojang for Test matches.   Each of the attendees got to play at least 3 matches with electronic scoring so a fabulous chance to try out the drills and learnings from the day before.   Finally it was all over and the long journey home.

The weekend was invaluable in the players, and those who also attended, to gain insight into the significant changes that electronic scoring is bring to Taekwondo; lessons that we’ll be bring back into the club.

Those training were Alex Stock, Amy Stock, Neo Botha, Mujahid Baksh, Liam Griffiths and Holly Flanders.   Alex Walker travelled up to help with the players and Sian Reilly attended to learn the new system and had the great chance to run the ring for most of the matches.   I would also liked to thank Ian Stock for his help over the weekend, especially with sharing the driving in difficult conditions.

Finally many thanks to Master Peter Hankin and all those at Liverpool Taekwondo Academy for an excellent weekend.

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