Grading Results – 12th September

Congratulations to the successful candidates at the kup grading on the 12th September.   Special recognition to Andrew Hawthrone who was double promoted to yellow belt and to the students who achieved credit passes; Jamie Cassell, Tony RIce and Kamil Nowak.   The date for the next kup grading will be Sunday 28th November.

The promotions acheived were;

Yellow Tag/9th Kup Green Tag/7th Kup Blue Belt/4th Kup
Jamie Cassell – Credit Tony Rice – Credit Dean Morgan
Aaron Armstrong Stuart Walker Steve McCulough
Krishan Mistry    
Louis McLaren Green Belt/6th Kup Red Belt/2nd Kup
Najank Dalesh Kamil Nowak – Credit Harvey Allen
  Graeme Willis  
Yellow Belt/8th Kup Milan Mistry  
Andrew Hawthorne – Double      
Hannah Martin Blue Tag/5th Kup  
Josephine Martin Jolene Bryant  
Rebecca Martin Matthew Jarmain   
  Shaliesh Mistry  
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