Trustees and the Charity

Overton and Basingstoke Taekwondo Club  is unique in the area in that it is is a registered charity run with the objective of providing the highest quality training in the Korean Martial Arts to as wide a range of the community as possible.

The club is not run for profit or personal financial gain. All the instructors teach for free because they want to share their enjoyment of Taekwondo.   The technical aspects of the club are managed by the Instructors Committee consisting of all the club’s British Taekwondo Registered Instructors.

The finance and development of the club is managed by the trustees of the charity. The current trustees are;

  • Gerry Reilly
  • Lynne Firth
  • Sarah Meeson
  • Jo Hatton
  • Paul Crawte
  • Leo Clifford


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