Kup Grading Results – 19th November 2023

Congratulations to our candidates who successfully progressed to their next grading on the 19th November.

9th Kup / Yellow Tag7th Kup / Green Tag (Cont)5th Kup / Blue Tag
Antoinette CruzAshley GujungAva Lee
Genevieve Hewitt
8th Kup / Yellow BeltJosh Hayden3rd Kup / Red Tag
Chloe Eric Colman (CREDIT)Lalitha JastiChristian Hewitt
Noemi PaduanelliMabel Quarterman
2nd Kup / Red Belt
7th Kup / Green Tag6th Kup / Green BeltAdriano Anzani
Redouane Benani (DOUBLE)Jacob LangtonDave Flanders
Kenza Benani (CREDIT)Jonah MeanHo Yin Wong
Trisdave SolamoWilliam Bunker

Our next Kup grading will be on Saturday 9th March.

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