20th August – Kup Grading Results

Congratulations to the students who were successful at the grading on the 20th August. Well done!

Yellow Tag / 9th KupBlue Tag / 5th Kup
Joseph WheatlandBenjamin Morris (CREDIT)
Christine Dorange-Read
Yellow Belt / 8th KupLola Stone
Ashley Gujung (DOUBLE)
Teanja Atifah (DOUBLE)Blue Belt / 4th Kup
Samved NerusuAimee Wong
Panayiotis Kalavas
Green Tag / 7th Kup
Gautam SreejithRed Tag / 3rd Kup
Liz Walsh
Green Belt / 6th Kup
Mason Andrew Batista-GuanchRed Belt / 2nd Kup
Tia Gore

The next Kup grading will be on Sunday 19th November.

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