Visit by Grandmaster Shin Byeong Hyun

On Sunday the 8th May, we were honoured to be hosting a seminar with Grandmaster Shin Byeong Hyun; Head Instructor World Taekwondo Chungdokwan Federation, 9th Dan Kukkiwon, 9th Dan Chungdokwan. Great to also be able to see Master Sheamus O’Neill from Ireland who was accompanying Grandmaster Shin.

Before the pandemic, we had established Grandmaster Shin’s visit as an annual event so it was great to be able to resume this fantastic training opportunity for both our students and others from the Chungdokwan tradition.

The seminar provided a fantastic opportunity to train with such a senior Grandmaster. It was great to see so many join us; with 123 attendees from 13 different clubs.

Alongside his visit and seminar with Bluewave, Grandmaster Shin Byeong Hyun also held a workshop for students from a local Korean school. This workshop gave these students a basic Taekwondo experience as well as some traditional Korean calligraphy!

The students all had a great time, and it was certainly a memorable experience for them.

The visit also provided time for rest and recovery with 4 days of sightseeing in Basingstoke, Winchester and Portsmouth, as well as visits to clubs in Bristol and Southampton. There is always a chance for Taekwondo even when sightseeing!

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