February Specialist Classes

In February we will be running our full set of monthly specialist classes. Please do check times as these have changed for 2022. Details are below.

Competition Poomsae Training
Saturday 5th February. 12.00-2.00pm All Grades with extra training from 2.00-3.30pm for Dan Grades only.
Open to all ages (7+) and all grades, however participants must be confident in at least their first poomsae – Taegeuk El Jang.

Format will be one hour of work on basic techniques followed by poomsae practice to improve both accuracy and performance.

Sport Taekwondo/Sparring Competition Training
Saturday 12th February 12.00-2.00pm.
Open to all ages (7+) and all grades.

Format will be approximately one hour of work on sparring drills and tactics, and then one hour of practice matches. 

All those attending will be expected to have their own arm and shin guards as well as a gum shield.  If you / your children do not have a gum shield, and wish to attend this training, speak to one the coaches and they will provide one for you to mould ahead of training.  As from March, we will also expect those attending to have their own groin guards.  Arm, shin and groin guards can be purchased through the club.

Belt Training
Saturday 19th February. 12.00-2.00pm.
Open to 2nd kup / red belt and above only.

Training will focus on the requirements of the Bluewave dan syllabus covering poomsae, self-defence, one-step, breaking and coaching skills. 

Regular attendance at senior belt training is a requirement for those preparing for dan gradings.

Monthly specialist classes are free to all Bluewave members. £5 to other British Taekwondo Members.

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