July Poomsae Training and Competitions

Busy Poomsae day yesterday for Bluewave. Well done to everyone who attended Poomsae Training, our first three hour session since March 2020. We also completed recording the videos for next weekend’s Vienna International Open Poomsae Championships.

Next month’s training will be on the 3rd July 12.30-2.30 for all grades with 2.30-3.30 extra for Dan Grades.

We are entering two online tournaments in July

2nd Virtual Range Open Poomsae Championships
9 – 11 July https://www.martial.events/en/events/2nd-virtual-range-open-poomsae-championships-2021

5th Lents Taekwondo Worldwide Sports Online Poomsae Open
24-31 July https://www.martial.events/en/events/5th-lents-taekwondo-worldwide-sports-online-poomsae-open-2021-recognized-poomsae

If you are interested in entering either (or both) of these please let us know. As we discussed at training yesterday we are also looking to put together a few more pairs and teams for these events if possible.

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