April Competition Poomsae Training

We have decided that we will need to run April’s Competition Poomsae Training online only.  With Easter and other commitments this month there will only be one, rather than the usual two, training sessions.  This session will be on Saturday 17th April, 12.30-2.30pm.  

The guidelines for indoor training from the 12th April for adults, who are the majority of those who attend this training, would not allow us to run this session effectively as a physical class.  We however hope to return to this being a physical class once we reach Step 3 of the government’s lockdown easing plan.

We are continuing to enter online poomsae competitions.  Our next one will be run from the 1st – 9th May with details here https://www.martial.events/en/events/4th-lents-taekwondo-worldwide-sports-online-poomsae-open-2021-recognized-poomsae.  Videoing for this event would be during the previous week.  With the new guidelines for indoor training we will be able to use the dojang for videoing for all ages, so hopefully that will make it easier. If you are interested in entering please let us know.

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