Important Class Update

Following the government announcement yesterday evening we will need to change back to online (Zoom) traning for 4 weeks. Today’s and Monday’s classes will continue as normal but after that we will have to move to online only. We hope to be able to return to physical training again on Thursday 3rd December.

Unfortunately this also means that we will need to postpone the kup grading that we were due to run on the 28th November. We are looking at the option of continuing with our monthly competition poomase training but using an online format for November’s planned sessions on the 7th and 21st. We will confirm details later.

As we want to ensure to continue the physical and mental wellbeing of our members we will keep to a full online schedule to enable all members to train at least once a week. The online class schedule will be;

Open to all ages and grades.

Sundays 5.00-5.45pm – Focus is on Beginner to Blue Tag techniques and patterns.
Sundays 6.00-6.30pm – Stretching and Flexibility

Mondays 7.15-8.00pm – Focus is on more senior, Blue Tag+, kup techniques and patterns.

Fridays 5.00-5.30pm – A KickStars class based around MultiSkills drills and basics for our younger members.
Fridays 5.45-6.30pm – Higher energy, footwork and drills.

Minimum grade of 1st dan black belt.

Mondays 8.15-8.45pm – Dan grade poomsae

We hope that you will be able to join us at these classes and keep up your training. We appreciate your support at this time and continue to look forward to a time where we can resume physical training again

To register please send an email to We will send out the Zoom link and further details of the classes to those who are registered. If you were registered for online classes during the earlier lockdown we will automatically add you to the registration list. We will also resume using the Bluewave Online Facebook Group ( to provide detailed updates.

Please also remember that there is a full range on online resources on the club website. If you logon you will have access to full details of the syllabus including videos of all basics techniques, poomsae and kibon patterns. We hope these will also let you keep up with your training at home over the next four weeks.

If you have any questions please send us an email at

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