Important Return to Training Updates

We have now been back training in the dojang for a month and it has been good to be together again. The instructors have been impressed with enthusiasm of our existing members to return to the dojang and it has also been great to welcome a number of new beginners to Bluewave – continued growth will be important to strengthening the club for the future.

This experience has given us the chance to review our classes and make some adjustments. In particular we want to provide additional capacity as five of our classes are running at the limit of attendees.

Therefore from the 4th September we will be adding an additional class on Friday evenings. This class will run from 7.15-8.15pm and will be open to all ages 7+. If you / your children would like to change to this class or to add this as an additional class please send an email to

We have also made minor adjustments to the layout to allow us to raise the capacity of classes to 18 while still maintaining social distancing of more than 2m between each training position.

To support this, and hopefully further expansion of classes as guidelines are adjusted, we really do need some more volunteers. To support larger classes we need senior grades to be available to assist with instructing but also other volunteers to help with class management. Please email us if you are able to support with this.

As all of our KickStars and Juniors are now back in physical classes, and this is a better environment to support development for these age groups, we will be stopping the streaming of these classes also from the 4th September.

All Teen/Adult classes, the High Energy/HIIT class, the Family class, the Stretching and Flexibility class and the Dan Poomsae class will continue to be streamed online classes as well as running as physical classes in the dojang.

Please can we also remind you to let us know if you are going to miss a class or do not need your booking for a regular class any more. We have waiting lists for several classes and we want to be able to offer spare one-off or regular places to those members.

We will also be updating our COVID-19 implementation plan and risk assessment to reflect these changes. This will be published on the club website tomorrow.

As usual, if you have any questions just drop us a quick email at

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