We are back!!

We have now completed a full week of our 10 classes and it has been great to be back training together in the dojang. Everyone has come back with enthusiasm, trained hard and followed the COVID-19 guidelines brilliantly. It has been a pleasure to see just how well even our youngest members have coped with the new guidelines and shown they can train hard and still keep to social distancing and safety procedures  

We have however, had a small number of issues with parents not social distancing so please can we remind everyone to follow the guidelines when dropping off and collecting juniors. As we have all seen from the news over the last few days we are still running on the edge so let’s ensure we keep to the guidelines and help beat COVID-19.

Almost all classes are now full, but we do have some spaces in the Friday KickStar Class and the Sunday Family Class. We are now running waiting lists for several classes, so we will monitor attendance carefully and add places as soon as we can. As we have people waiting for classes please do let us know if you are going to be away or won’t need your place in a particular class so we can reuse it. We will run with the current schedule for a couple of weeks and then review with the aim to add extra capacity where we can. Please also remember we are continuing for now to stream all classes on Zoom, so extra training available online!

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