KickStars Grading Results

Congratulations to our great set of KickStars who graded to the their next belts on the 6th and 7th March, and especially to Jegors who has graduated to our junior classes.

The promotions are:

Orange Stripe Zaid Ahmed

Green Stripe Anna Gomez Da Costa, Dilsah Udahage-DonLohith Thummala, Cyrus Keiff, Filip Piasczny

Blue Stripe Panayiotis Kalavas. Benjamin Di Biase, Kai Adams

Red Stripe George Pyrke, Mykolas Kuodys, Brandon Paduanelli, Carter Mackie

Brown Stripe James Tamilmani

Black Stripe. James Dance, Robert Cooper

Yellow Tag Jegors Vingradous

Thank you to Gerry and Danyal who helped with the class and grading on Friday and Jonathan and Dinesh who helped with the class and grading on Saturday.

We also now have vacancies in both of KickStars classes, Fridays 5.30-6.15pm and Saturdays 9.30-10.30am. So please do let your friends and family know!