October – KickStars Grading


Congratulations to our KickStars on their performances at this month’s grading.  Great to seeing the following achieve their next belts and a special congratulations to Christian, Adinath and Diyeni on their promotion to Yellow Tag and graduating to join our junior programme.

Orange Stripe Blue Stripe Brown Stripe
Anna Gomez Da Costa Izzah Adeel James Dance
Cyrus Keiff Shryan Veeranki Robert Cooper
Filip Piaseczny Carter Mackie  
  Brandon Paduanelli Black Stripe
Purple Stripe George Pyrke Jegors Vingradous
Panayiotis Kalavas Mykolas Kuodys  
Kai Adams Sriram Petluru Yellow Tag
Benjamin Di Biase   Christian Hewett
  Red Stripe Adinath Kango
  James Tamilimi Diyeni Di Silva






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