November 2018 Grading Result

Congratulations to the students who graded in November.  This was a very strong grading and saw some exceptional performances.  Next grading will be on Sunday 17th February 2019.

9th Kup / Yellow Tag 7th Kup / Green Tag 3rd Kup / Red Tag
William Bunker – CREDIT Jamie Woods David Wrobel – CREDIT
Ronan Lee – CREDIT Adheen Shabeer Kieran Pern
Brandon Coleman    
Jack McKeown 6th Kup / Green Belt 2nd Kup / Red Belt
Jak Coleman Aidan Batista-Guanchez Anushka Sen
  Ryan Ashraf Caitlin MacDonald
8th Kup / Yellow Belt   Danyal  Dabhelia
Aleksander Kowalczyk – DOUBLE 5th Kup / Blue Tag  
Marcia Coleman – DOUBLE Abi Fidgett 1st Kup / Black Tag
Jayden Jones – DOUBLE Alize Ekambi-Kiye Ahan Sen
Maciej Kowalczyk – DOUBLE Romeo Semayobe Giordano Baquero-Easton
Logan Andrews – DOUBLE   Sirsendu Sen
Mateusz Matyla – CREDIT 4th Kup / Blue Belt  
Hadia Waseem Sebastian Wrobel  
Simone Koh Simon Jones  
Elliot Flood-Squires Sushant Shrestha  
Lily Newton Mikun Adonian  
Zane Miller    
Tom Howath    
Sofie Koh    



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