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We would like to thank our members and their family and supporters who have attended recent tournaments representing Bluewave. We know that at some recent tournaments there have been some negative situations that have occurred and we are very proud of how the Bluewave team have handled these situations with respect and with consideration of others. These values, along with the welfare of our members, are of the upmost importance to our club and coaches and we can assure you that we have provided necessary feedback to the tournament organisers.

We fully understand how some of the negative situations can impact not just those competing but also those supporting their family and friends at the tournaments. We want to ensure that we can continue to attend tournaments to give those who want to compete the experience they need and also the enjoyment they deserve. With this in mind we would like our next tournament focus to be the UTF London International at Lee Valley Athletics Centre on the 30th September. This tournament is one that our coaches and members have attended on multiple occasions and is always and positive and friendly tournament for all.

As a gesture of appreciation for how our members embodied our positive values at recent tournaments, we would like to offer to pay the entry fee for any competitor so wishes to compete at the UTF London International, who previously competed at either the Chungdokwan National Championship and/or 1st Welsh Open. If you would like to compete at this tournament please email us ( ASAP as entries are already filling up.

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