Dojang Refurbishment


The first phase of updates to our facilities is now complete. Over Christmas the main training area, changing rooms and kitchen were decorated. The reception area and waiting room have been remodelled, decorated, have new carpeting and we installed the new furniture ov20180218_132605.jpger last weekend.

The Daedo PSS electronic scoring system has been extended and we now have have PSS body armour for size 0 as well as 1, 2 and 3. The broken body armour and transmitter have also been replaced. The PSS got its first outing 2018 at the sport training on20180218_132525.jpg Saturday.

We have also taken delivery of a Taurus Ergo-X Air Bike, BodyMax R100 Rower and BodyMax 470+ Half Rack with Weights. This will allow us to provide a more comprehensive set of options particularly for our older juniors and adults whether their goals are improved fitness or competition.20180218_132421.jpg

The next step will be to redecorate to the office and toilet area, this has just started.

With these updates we will continue to be able to provide one of the best dedicated Taekwondo facilities in the South of England and we look forward to this helping with the continued growth of Bluewave in 2018.

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