KickStars Promotions – 7th/8th July




Congratulations to our newly promoted KickStars. We also looked forward to seeing our newly promoted Yellow Tags graduating to our junior classes!

Orange Stripe

Ciro Cordero-Benedit, Connor Cosby, Ayaan Pradeep, Bowie Emmerson, Felix Howard, Joel Macpherson

Purple Stripe

Saul Curtis

Blue Stripe

Alex Ward, Mikolaj Zurek

Red Stripe

Dinobi Nduka-Richard, Nathan Levendale, Scarlett Hamilton, Naomi Marks, Adriano Anzani, Samuel Hartley, Oliver Brown, Nathan Harrington, Elliott Flood Squires, Dylan Griffiths

Brown Stripe

Jessica Woodage, Charlie Mason, Lilly Newton, Aaron Murray Cobertson

Black Stripe

Taylor Mackie

Yellow Tag

Adheen Shaber, Eleanor Gracey, Muhammad Wasim, Muhammad Afzal, Joe Scorey, Daniel Chapman

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